Mr Abhiram Sharma is a highly trained colorectal and general surgeon based in South Manchester. He provides laproscopic and minimally invasive surgery for the NHS in the University Hospital of South Manchester and for private patients at the Spire and Alexandra hospital. He aims to provide an excellent service with diagnosis and treatment of general surgical and colorectal conditions. This website provides information regarding these conditions for patients and general practitioners as well as the ability to contact Mr Abhiram Sharma to query about making an appointment and for clarification about any information.
Bowel Cancer
Pelvic Floor Surgery
Patient's View

First of all I can’t thank Mr Sharma enough. The respect and care I received throughout was amazing. I can see Mr Sharma takes great pride in his work and his patients an I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him. Mr Sharma was my surgeon for both surgeries. The second of which should have been in 2 stages however this was completed in 1. I feel my experience could have been different if Mr Sharma wasn’t involved. I would like to say thank you for all the hard work put into me having a better future.

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