Inflammatory bowel disease reviews: Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, pouch formations

  • Mr Sharma was excellent. He listened to my description of my symptoms and related concerns. He explained and discussed the options and his recommendation. As my condition changed throughout my time in his care he adapted his approach to best address the changes and give me the outcome that I sought. The whole of the nursing team were also superb and listened to my concerns and allayed my fears. I have had spells in a few different hospitals under different consultants, and my experience under the care of Mr Sharma and his team stands out above all the others.
  • Mr Sharma is extremely professional, understands your fears, listens to your questions and concerns and takes the time to answer you so that you understand what the problem is and how he is going to resolve it for you. In my case I feel I have had an excellent ‘doctor / patient’ relationship. Prior to surgery his honesty in explaining the possible outcomes helped me to come to terms with potential situations; I felt reasonably prepared for a ‘worse case’ scenario.
  • The care and attention provided was amazing from the first consultation through to post operation surgery follow-up. My life has much improved due to the skilled surgery I received and subsequent after care. I would highly recommend Mr Sharma for any General Surgery, you are in safe hands.
  • First of all I can’t thank Mr Sharma enough. The respect and care I received throughout was amazing. I can see Mr Sharma takes great pride in his work and his patients an I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him. Mr Sharma was my surgeon for both surgeries. The second of which should have been in 2 stages however this was completed in 1. I feel my experience could have been different if Mr Sharma wasn’t involved. I would like to say thank you for all the hard work put into me having a better future.
  • I needed emergency surgery for severe ulcerative colitis. I saw mr sharma 4 times in total & felt he understood when I wasn’t ready for surgery & when that changed. Everything was explained fully to me & I was put under no pressure at all. Unfortunately this was not the case with all of the medical consultants I saw, some of whom were very patronising & unhelpful. Mr sharma was knowledgeable, polite, patient & helpful. Exactly how you would hope your surgeon to be at such a frightening & traumatic time.
  • I was amazed at Mr Sharma’s kindness and dedication to my care and treatment through the process. He was so informative throughout and kept my husband involved at all points too. Such a kind and courteous doctor, would travel anywhere to be treated by him again. Hopefully I won’t need it though!


Patient's View

Mr Sharma is a great doctor. I’ve never had a better doctor and I have been in hospital many times. His staff are brilliant and all the care I received with Mr Sharma was much more than I expected. Mr Sharma was helpful and informative and if I ever go back in hospital again with my complaint I hope I will have him looking after me again. Thank you to Mr Sharma and his staff for all your care.

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