Pelvic floor disorders reviews: prolapse, obstructive defecation, incontinence

  • Mr A Sharma is simply the best doctor who has ever cared me. I have complete trust in him and he has solved my medical issue. I truly recommend him 100%.
  • I was very impressed with the care and consideration I received from Mr Sharma. He has such a caring attitude that you feel like your his only patient. He always has time to answer all your questions. He put my mind at rest with everything that gave me cause for concern.
  • Great consultant, would highly recommend to anyone. Listens to the patient and acts with best interest. Also works well with his secretary to sort things out if it is between appointments. Thank you.
  • appointment well kept. friendly staff, doctors manner was spot on.
  • he is very polite and considerate. i was explained every detail regarding the full procedure. operation went very well and after care was good. i am very happy regarding the final visit with Dr. sharma many thanks.
  • Mr Sharma explained what was happening to me in a professional polite manner.
  • From start to finish Mr Abhiram Sharma was the ultra professional and skilled surgeon and all of the staff were outstanding could not have been in a better place to have a operation. Thank you
  • Diagnosed and sorted my problem effectively and swiftly.
  • Very reassuring manner and thorough approach to patient care.
  • I am so grateful to Doctor Sharma for the surgery I had 9 weeks ago as he has totally sorted out a very embarrassing bowel problem I was living with. I have suffered with a posterior rectopexy for over 4 years. I had surgery about 4 years ago (by another consultant) but it failed. My problem effected me every single day to the point where I was unable to do the things I enjoy & it rendered me incapable of leaving my home for more than a few hours at a time as my problem was so severe. I have now been given a new lease of life and will be making the most of it. He is a lovely man and very easy to open up to. Once again I can’t thank him enough!!
  • Wonderful doctor who made me feel at ease at all times; reassuring, patient & understanding. Speedy investigations and after suffering for 7/8 months by time I was referred to Mr Sharma, was seen, investigated and treated under his care with full resolution within 3 months ! Very happy indeed : )
Patient's View

First of all I can’t thank Mr Sharma enough. The respect and care I received throughout was amazing. I can see Mr Sharma takes great pride in his work and his patients an I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him. Mr Sharma was my surgeon for both surgeries. The second of which should have been in 2 stages however this was completed in 1. I feel my experience could have been different if Mr Sharma wasn’t involved. I would like to say thank you for all the hard work put into me having a better future.

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