Colonoscopy, endoscopy and gastroscopy reviews

  • On my first consultation with Mr Sharma, he asked me questions as to what sort of conditions I was experiencing. Having listened to my description he went went on to tell me what he intended to do to find out what the problem was. He told me that on my next appointment as a day case, he was going to perform a Upper Endoscopy and went on to explain in very good detail, just what I could expect to happen on the day. On that next appointment, he met with me to describe just what and how the procedure was going to be undertaken and put me completely at ease. Throughout the procedure I was conscious of what he was doing which didn’t cause me any anxiety at all as it was just how he had described it was going to be. Job done. On the follow up appointment, he ran through all the salient points he had found during the procedure and really put me in the picture as to what was wrong, what could be done about it and to what end I had to adapt my eating habits in order to control the symptoms. Having answered my questions about the condition ( Sliding Hiatus Hernia), I was discharged back to the care of GP and I left the hospital feeling totally happy with both the treatment advised and to the excellent care I had been given by Mr. Sharma.
  • Simply the BEST
  • I felt he waved a magic wand over my concerns and anxieties regarding a colonoscopy and endoscopy. He gave me adequate sedation for me to undertake the procedure. I would not hesitate in recommending this Doctor to anyone.
Patient's View

Mr Sharma is a great doctor. I’ve never had a better doctor and I have been in hospital many times. His staff are brilliant and all the care I received with Mr Sharma was much more than I expected. Mr Sharma was helpful and informative and if I ever go back in hospital again with my complaint I hope I will have him looking after me again. Thank you to Mr Sharma and his staff for all your care.

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