Bowel cancer and polyp surgery reviews

  • Mr Sharma took over my case and has simply been the most wonderful doctor. He really takes the time to explain procedures, results and answer all the questions and queries I have had. A very caring and highly professional Doctor.
  • At the initial consultation Mr. Sharma was very reassuring and put my mind at rest regarding the forthcoming surgery. The consultation on the day of the surgery was excellent. I was looked after really well by a great team and the post-op. and follow up consultations with Mr. Sharma was very professional and again reassuring. I could not have wished for a better surgeon.
  • I recently got referred to Mr Sharma. From day one he was informative and very caring. My diagnosis was a difficult one and kept me informed and helped tell me all the details in an appropriate manner. The surgery carried out was fantastic. I didn’t require a stoma bag and the scaring was clean and tidy. Throughout the whole process Mr Sharma was professional, detailed and really showed a caring and understanding attitude. Thank you for helping me through this difficult time.
  • I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer. From the outset, Mr Sharma has delivered a excellent service in every way. I presented with a tricky and worrying diagnosis and Mr Sharma has delivered through his hard work and technical ability. Not only did he carry out tricky surgery, but the after-care and professionalism shown by him and his team has been nothing short of the best. A true gent too who I feel like has given me an excellent chance of beating this diagnosis now, despite the difficulty I faced. I was extremely fortunate to have been assigned to someone as skilled, professional and as hard working as Mr Sharma.
  • I was referred to Mr Sharma after I found a lump in my abdomen. He was kind and efficient and I quickly got the scans I needed to confirm a diagnosis of bowel cancer. Mr Sharma explained the nature and location of the cancer, the details and risks of the operation and was attentive and compassionate in answering any questions I had. Within minutes of leaving the consultation room I had a phone call with an operation date which was only two weeks later – my cancer was large and as I understand it quite advanced, Mr Sharma ensured it was addressed quickly. It appears he works well with other professionals as throughout my care he referred to discussions he’d had with the multi-disciplinary team and how those discussions had informed decision making around my care. After my operation Mr Sharma phoned my spouse himself to summarise how the op had gone and visited me himself that afternoon. Whilst I was an inpatient he checked in regularly with me. There were some issues around pain management and Mr Sharma listened to me and ensured these were addressed. I could not have wished for a better experience of a surgeon and I am very grateful to him and his team for their expertise and their care. Many, many thanks Mr Sharma. UHSM, you would do well to keep him.
  • Mr Sharma is by far the best doctor, surgeon, consultant that I have met within the NHS to date (not saying that the others are not good, they are). Seeing Mr Sharma with his team it is apparent that they all respect and enjoy working with him. His team conduct their work with confidence, extremely professionally and with smiles on their faces which made me, as a patient feel relaxed. Mr Sharma’s explanation of my procedure was precise and at exactly the right level of detail; giving me all the options and possible outcomes. This he did open and honestly. He also offered his personal and professional opinion when asked which was much appreciated. This is my experience as a patient of Mr Sharma having a cancer removed from my bowel which wasn’t something I ever expected and did come as a shock. My whole treatment under Mr Sharma was nothing less than 1st class and I feel indebted to him and his team.
  • I met Dr Sharma unfortunately when I required major surgery to remove a tutor obstructing my bowel. From the first moment of meeting him he put my mind at rest, giving me the options available and his recommendation, which proved to be totally correct. During the recovery in hospital he was in contact all the time, visiting me at every opportunity and after discharge at hand for any worries that I had. On follow up-consultations he explained exactly the process that had been carried out and the results from the pathology report in detail, never making you feel rushed and totally at ease. I cannot thank Dr Sharma enough for his expertise in surgery and his bedside manner, he is truly a remarkable surgeon.
  • Mr Sharma was an excellent surgeon and without his care, compassion, dedication and expertise I am sure the outcome of my surgery would have been very different. He carried out a long and complex operation that many would not have attempted and I will always be extremely grateful. I underwent complex surgery for bowel cancer and was almost sure to have a stoma, Mr Sharma with his skill was able to make this option obsolete. As a result I have recovered well and have no on going issues to deal with. From initial diagnosis through to after care my experience has been very positive and my recovery to date has gone extremely well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Sharma as an excellent surgeon and shall always be grateful to him.
  • Mr Sharma showed empathy & compassion from the outset, I was most anxious at our first meeting & he defused my anxiety by being caring & communicating in a sensitive manner. His leadership radiates amongst his team too, whom demonstrated respect & fondness for him. It wasn’t easy to be to I had bowel cancer Mr Sharma gave me this diagnosis in a caring way – just right for me & my hubby. He then performed my surgery – he was marvellous & due to his skills & leadership I have healed very well. I can’t thank him enough & we told him but he was so humble & kind even with our feedback. The NHS should be proud that Mr Sharma is doing such an amazing job day in day out. I would recommend him to anyone having bowel surgery. This is my 2nd diagnosis of cancer in 10years & Mr Sharma with his team were excellent in every aspect. Thank you so so much!
  • Mr Sharma is a great doctor I’ve never had a better doctor and i have been in hospital many times his staff are brilliant and all the care I received with Mr Sharma was much more than I expected, Mr Sharma was helpful and informative and if I ever go back in hospital again with my complaint I hope i will have him looking after me again. Thank you to Mr Sharma and his Staff for all your care
  • I received the most excellent emergency care from Dr Sharma for my very aggressive colon cancer and I cannot praise this Dr highly enough. He installed confidence in me from the first meeting where he was extremely confident and positive that he could remove the tumour even though it had perforated my bowel and was attacking other organs. He carefully, calmly and thoroughly explained every procedure that would be carried out with the aid of diagrams to make sure that I understood. He allayed my fears of having a stoma fitted (even though I had been informed by another surgeon that this would be necessary) and he patiently listened to the many anxieties that I had. He also talked to my daughter (both on the phone and in person) and answered all her many questions. We all felt that he was totally approachable and never once did he make us feel that we were mithering him. After the emergency op, which was very extensive, he visited me every day to monitor my progress and genuinely made me feel he was concerned. On the follow up meeting he explained exactly what had been done and what happens next and answered the many questions that my daughter and I had. It is my belief that without him I would not be here today writing this review and I am truly grateful that he was my surgeon. He will always be my hero!
  • I have been very fortunate having Mr Sharma as my surgeon. Beyond his obvious outstanding skills he has provided reassurance, support and hope for the future. I consider it a real privilege to have known him
  • My family and I were very pleased with my first appointment with Mr Sharma, he fully explained my forthcoming operation. During my recovery in hospital Mr Sharma or a member of his team visited me each day to check on my progress. Mr Sharma and his team at all times have been very professional and answered all questions as they occurred. At my follow up appointment with Mr Sharma, we were surprised when he said the operation was a complete success, fearing the worst. We would like to thank Mr Sharma, for his dedicated and professional care. He has been excellent.
  • Mr Sharma could not have been more helpful, explaining my diagnosis, treatment and after care. He saw me just before surgery, which was very reassuring and also after surgery to explain how it had all gone. My follow up appointment was very informative as to what to expect in the months to follow. Exceptional man!!
  • I am currently under Mr Sharma after having a bowel cancer operation in May 2015. Mr Sharma is an excellent consultant. At all times he explained to me exactly what was going on and what he intended to do during the operation. I felt at all times he gave me complete confidence that I was getting the very best treatment and I trusted him completely. I believe the reassurance that he provided helped immensely towards my recovery. I would also like to say that the new structure with a liaison nurse is a fantastic service as you always have a point of contact. I would like to thank Mr Sharma and the whole team including the aftercare service for their support and professionalism. Many Thanks
Patient's View

First of all I can’t thank Mr Sharma enough. The respect and care I received throughout was amazing. I can see Mr Sharma takes great pride in his work and his patients an I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him. Mr Sharma was my surgeon for both surgeries. The second of which should have been in 2 stages however this was completed in 1. I feel my experience could have been different if Mr Sharma wasn’t involved. I would like to say thank you for all the hard work put into me having a better future.

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